St Clement's Church, Parkstone, Poole

Sharing the good news about Jesus

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

   PCC Members 2022 - 2023

 Vacancy                                                    Vicar

Mr Peter Allen                                         Churchwarden

Rev Lynn Bowerman                            Assistant Priest

Mr Stephen Campbell-Cooke           Member and Assistant Churchwarden

Mr Colin Crabb                                      Synod Member and Assistant Churchwarden

Mr John Fisher                                         Member

Mrs Angela Fisher                                    Member                                             

Mrs Isobel Heaton                                   Electoral Roll Officer

Mr Christopher Jerrom                         Member

Mrs Adeeta Knight                                  Hon PCC Treasurer

Miss Pauline Laird                                  Member

Mrs Mary Lory                                         Member

Mrs Janet Plummer                               PCC Secretary 

Mr Michael Plummer                            Member and Lay Chairperson

Mrs Beverley Robinson                         Churchwarden

Mr Daniel Stanton                                    Member

Mr Anthony Stevens                               Member

Mrs Sonya Stevens                                  Member

Mr Martyn Underhill                               Synod Member

Mrs Margaret West                                 Member

Mr Paul Wilkins                                        Member

Mrs Melissa Wilkins                                Member

Rev Mo Willis                                            Assistant Priest

Any questions regarding the workings of the Parochial Church Council should be directed to the PCC Secretary, Mrs. Janet Plummer, via the Church Office (Tel. 01202 733390)

Church Officers


Mr Peter Allen

Mrs Beverley Robinson


Mr Paul Wilkins 

Church Administrator

Mrs Gillian Dowdall

 Church Finance Assistant

Mrs Emma Vanderweele