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Our News and Events page is updated once a month with articles from our monthly parish magazine, "Viewpoint". 

The articles below are copied from the September 2018 edition.

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…from our Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Foster:

Dear Friends,

Good Grief

Every year on the last Sunday in October at 6.30pm (28th October this year) and again two weeks later on Remembrance Sunday we hold a special service of Thankful Remembrance for loved ones departed.

In this service we remember by name loved ones who have died and we light a candle in their memory. Most importantly by our presence, thoughts, feelings and prayers we mark their importance to us, our love for them and the grief we feel.

Grief hits us all, in different ways. It is often described as a ‘personal journey’ and although we can compare notes with one another and share what has helped us, everyone’s experience is unique.

The Christian faith acknowledges the pain of bereavement -the Bible recounts the grief of many people, from Adam and Eve on the death of their son Abel, through famous names like Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, King David, and, indeed, Jesus himself weeping at the grave of his friend Lazarus (see John 11: 35 for the shortest verse in the Bible: “Jesus wept”), as well as his mother, relatives and friends weeping for him. To cry, to support each other, to treat a person’s earthly remains with respect and appropriate ceremonies, and in many cases, a marked place to revisit: all these and more are referred to in the Bible.

What is more, the Christian faith offers firm grounds for hope that we are more than just physical: we are living souls, and the death of our bodies is not the end of our existence. The images of life going on are in terms of family, community and love. Jesus came back from death - much to his disciples’ shock and surprise, but also, ultimately, their joy. They were transformed from people who had run away at Jesus’ arrest (see Matthew 26: 56) to people who were, 50 days later, out in public proclaiming Jesus to the same crowds who had killed him. Most of them ended up giving their lives for their conviction that Jesus had risen from death, and he could give eternal life (in this world and the next) to all who trusted him.

Saint Paul could then speak of grieving, but with hope because ‘Jesus died and rose again….’ so death is not the end. “So we will be always with the Lord”.

Many have found comfort in this hope and the knowledge that as we continue our journey we do not need to go it alone. We can call out to God and we are called to reach out to each other: ‘to live in community, to weep with those who weep (as well as rejoicing with those who rejoice) to help each other carry our burdens’. If you would like to share in grieving for and remembering loves ones departed, please do come along to one of our special services at 6.30pm. All are welcome.

With very best wishes.

Jonathan Foster


Sylvia Chapman Memorial

    When Sylvia Chapman (wife of St Clement's one-time Curate, Rev Tom Chapman) died earlier this year, it was suggested that a fitting memorial would be the provision of a well for a community in Uganda without a reliable water supply. Such was the response that two wells have now been provided. Click here  "Report" for full details of the achievement.

Community Meals and Coffee Mornings

We are resuming both of these events now that the hall kitchen refurbishment is completed.

The first Coffee Morning is on Wednesday 3rd October at 10.30am and these events will continue fortnightly (on first and third Wednesday's of the month) throughout the Autumn and Winter.

Community lunches will be held on 21st October and 19th November. For those who struggle to manage Christmas alone, there will be a Christmas Day meal in the hall on Tuesday 25th December.

Please contact the church office on 01202 733390 to book for any or all of these events.

Dates of the Community Meals in 2019 will be announced in due course.

Men’s Group

At our meeting on 8th September we discussed sport in the context of the Christian faith and the potential influence for God and for good that Christians may exert by playing by the rules and exhibiting good sportsmanship. We considered some of the Bible references, in both the Old and New Testaments, which use the world of sport as illustrations of aspects of the Christian life.

Our programme for the remainder of the year will be as follows -

October 13th - Paul Lory - Life Story

(The Director’s Cut - features previously unseen footage!)

November 10th - Heather Raggett

World War 1 and the parish.

December 8th - Simon Mills

Cathedrals and King’s College, Cambridge.