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The articles below are copied from the November 2018 edition.

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…from our Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Foster:

Dear Friends,

“Christmas is coming...”

How do you feel? Excited or encouraged? Anxious and apprehensive? Pleased? Overwhelmed? Not bothered? Just another day?

“Christmas” - Christ’s Feast: a celebration of the birthday of Jesus, a time to reflect on the exciting story of his birth and the message he came to bring of rescue, or a new start, peace on earth, goodwill to all. Making that our focus can change our whole approach to Christmas. It becomes a “Holy Day”, an opportunity to get together with friends and family to think about the meaning of life, to catch some joy, some hope, some peace from the story of Jesus; to maybe reach out in our hearts and minds to this Jesus (“God the Rescuer”) who has reached out to us. It is a chance to reflect on “Love” - God’s love for us, and how we respond.

Having a special meal (even if it’s only sausage instead of beans; a mince pie; an extra potato) makes sense if we’re celebrating a new start for humanity and even ourselves. Sharing our meal fits the season too - an act of love, peace, goodwill (many people invite family, friends, neighbours); we hold a Christmas lunch in our hall for any who might be alone, and there are a number of other community meals available around the area. Thanks also to Tesco and Aldi “FairShare” for their gifts of food to the needy.

And presents? If we’re celebrating God’s great gift of Jesus, to save us and give us a fresh start, a new vision and hope for

our lives, then giving presents to others can be a natural overspill of our gratitude, and a copy of his example of generous giving. But let’s be “wise as serpents” as well as “gentle as doves” in our spending and giving. The Bible’s advice about giving to God’s work is “…each should give as they are able…. for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9 v7) and could well be applied at Christmas. Advertisers pursue us, often through our children - you “need” this, “must have” that. What can we afford? We’re all individuals, this is not a “one-size-fits-all” world, much as retailers would like us all to spend, spend, spend. “Loving our neighbours as ourselves” will entail keeping our own heads above water. A small gift, well-chosen, personal, even hand-made or a card with personal words is just as much a gift as something enormous or expensive. People say, “It’s the thought that counts.” Our thoughtfulness shows our love. How we navigate the frantic commercialism of a modern-day Christmas can make an enormous difference, not only to us but also to our children and grand-children as they learn from us to manage resources wisely and show love in kind words and behaviour, not just through money and material things.

“Christmas is coming….” come and join us or another local church in celebrating Jesus ...or tune into Kings College carols…… with love, togetherness, kindness, community, and let’s do it in a way that leaves us all, not exhausted, but elated; not broke but refreshed and resourced; not depressed and deflated but overflowing with hope because we’ve given and received love and kindness and caught a fresh glimpse of life’s glory and God’s love for us and for all people.

How great 2019 could be!

Wishing you a really special Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jonathan Foster


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