Clergy Message for May & June

Easter, ascension and Pentecost

Resurrection, and its meaning for us today

Dear Friends,

As I write this we are in the depths of Holy Week, contemplating events that led to Christ’s death, and looking forward to his glorious resurrection.

The next season of the Christian calendar is known as the Easter Season, when we try to come to terms with the implications of the Resurrection for his disciples, and for us now.

40 days lead us to the celebration of Ascension Day (Thursday 30th May), which left the disciples waiting for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon them at Pentecost (Sunday 9th June).

The commission for the disciples then was to boldly spread the good news of Jesus’s life and death and resurrection so that knowledge of God’s Kingdom of love and kindness could grow; rippling out into every part of the world.

That too is our commission as befriend people who don’t yet know Jesus, and to help them build a relationship with his father too.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has for several years been promoting this through an initiative called “Thy Kingdom Come”. Online you will find resources which can help, (through prayer and action) grow God’s Kingdom in our communities and neighbourhoods. There are still plenty of blank cards and inserts at the back of church for you to invite others to join us here for concerts, community teas, coffee mornings and other events.

 I would like to suggest that, in the coming weeks, each of us takes time every day to reflect on the prayer Jesus taught his disciples: The Lord’s Prayer... “Our Father…” (Matthew 6:9 -15) - thinking about what it means to be a part of his family of 2.1 billion followers worldwide, with over 80 million within the Anglican communion of churches led by Justin Welby.

 What might be the implications for us locally?

What small part can we play in making our town a kinder, cleaner, more inclusive place for people to live in?

Nationally this is a time of political and social uncertainty.

What can we do to impact policy decisions which jeopardise the futures of the poor, the weak and the marginalised? How can we each use our voice?

Globally, the planet’s future is under threat from pollution by industrialisation, plastics and consumerism.

What changes can we make in our lifestyles that will make a difference for good?

 I pray that, as you deepen your relationship with God, each one of you will be able to understand how He has shown His love for you, and have the confidence to share that story of joy with others.

 With every blessing,

    Rev. Lynn Bowerman