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Our News and Events page is updated once a month with articles from our monthly parish magazine, "Viewpoint". 

The articles below are copied from the March 2018 edition.

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...from our Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Foster:

Dear Friends,

Lent 2018 at St Clement’s

 February 14th this year was not only Valentine’s Day, it was also Ash Wednesday.  The two themes of love and spiritual reflection/prayer and discipline are not as contradictory as they sound – despite some amusing Valentine’s card greetings: e.g. “Happy Valentine’s Day…Spoil sport!” or, “Let’s go out to dinner…dry toast alright?” We celebrated Ash Wednesday with a Holiday Club on the theme of ‘Pancakes’.  Many thanks to the cooks and all who helped, and to Mo and Helen for planning and coordinating the day, attended by some 32 young people and a dozen adults. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  We did!

In the evening we celebrated Holy Communion in church and many began to use the Diocesan Lent Prayer book, with its daily Bible reading, reflection and prayer for the day and a suggestion for action.  If you haven’t had a copy and would like one please contact the church office (01202 733390, weekday mornings).

Throughout Lent several study groups are running and we hope to continue to offer these opportunities beyond Lent too.  We also continued our twice-monthly Community Coffee Mornings and monthly Community Lunches (the March one is on Sunday 18th March), please do come along and spread the word.  Thank you so much to Karen Viney who prepared the February lunch, and to Tesco for their FareShare contributions to its ingredients and for their ongoing donations of produce that would otherwise be wasted.  This is an excellent example of finding practical solutions to the growing needs in the community due to the economic situation and cutbacks.

In turn, St. Clement’s are supporting five local charities.

This Lent, however, it is not enough to just address the symptoms of the problems we are seeing in our neighbourhoods, the NHS etc.  We need to speak up about the causes: human greed and selfishness that lead to so much injustice.  Why is there such a gap in our society between rich and poor?  What can be done?  Whose responsibility is it?

Every individual can make a difference (Jesus spoke of every act of kindness being significant) but if we are to change our systems and society then we all have to work together: austerity has to be for everyone - not, as at present, mostly for those with least.   We have to find new ways for this new situation.

And maybe that challenge brings us back to the heart of Lent’s tradition of reflection, prayer, self-examination and – discipline: who am I? What are my gifts, talents and opportunities, and how can I develop and use them better?  What are my struggles and weaknesses?  How can I get help?  How can I move forward?  What can I do, who can I work with or support, how can I use my voice and my vote to make a difference for good?

As we consider these questions it is also worth looking to Jesus whose forty days of testing in the desert Lent mirrors.  Why not read or reread what he did and said?   The Diocesan Lent prayer book will help us all in this, but I also recommend one of the four ‘Gospels’, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Be prepared to be challenged and changed. 

Have a good Lent!

Jonathan Foster


Giving in Lent

Lent is here: have you decided what your plans are?  To do something extra, give a treat up or really do something for the local community? Have you considered how to make even more of a difference to those living in our local area?

So, if you’re planning to give up chocolate during Lent, this could save you £1 a week making £4 in total over the four weeks.  That could be £4 donated and then increased into £8!!  How will it go from £1 to £8?

St. Clements’s PCC are going to match any funds donated during Lent.

The local charities we will be supporting are:-

Poole Missional Communities:

They exist to enable and nurture new forms of church in Poole. They are a framework into which new experimental forms of mission and Christian community life can be nurtured. Currently they oversee 3 fresh expressions of church. They also seek to provide support, training and mentoring for others involved in contextual mission in the area.

Routes to Roots:

This charity is founded on Christian principles and seeks to help all homeless, newly homed and vulnerably housed adults in Poole regardless of their faith. £1 pays for a pair of socks, £4.50 for a cooked breakfast, £4 for a scarf or gloves, £10 for a pair of jeans, £25 for a sleeping bag, £30 can buy a pair of shoes, £40 provides food for one Drop-In, £200 helps to make an empty flat a home, etc.  They provide basic necessities, such as hot food, clothing and sleeping bags and assist those who are placed in accommodation to remain in their tenancy. They aim to achieve long-term outcomes, boost self-confidence and self-worth, expand and develop skills, promote a sense of belonging and encourage integration into the local community.

Hope in the Community:

Their objectives are to support isolated people, bring physical hope to those who are isolated, through emergency food provisions, to access a pathway of unconditional support, create a safe environment/s where the holistic needs of the individual can be assessed and identified & to signpost people to find additional help and support.

In order to help individuals dream and fulfil their potential as God intended, they also recruit and train befrienders.

Poole Chaplaincy:

Born out of the Civic Centre chaplaincy (which began some 15 years ago) this committee-run charity provides pastoral care within the Civic Centre and a number of other local institutions and provides training and support for clergy and lay chaplains in many settings around the Borough.

Church of the Good Shepherd:

This “daughter” church of St. John’s, Ashley Road, has been serving the Alderney East, Bourne Valley and Rossmore area for over 80 years. They are raising funds for a new building to replace their current temporary building that was built in 1931!  They will provide a multi-purpose facility that will be a flexible resource for relevant service to the local community for the next 80 years and more.

During Lent a box will be at the back of the church for your contributions.  At the end of Lent the money will be collected and distributed. The details will be in the June edition of the parish magazine, as well as being read out in church at the beginning of May.

Men’s Group

At our meeting in February our guest speaker was Mr H. A., originally from Iran, but now living in Parkstone and a member of St. Clement’s Church. He told us something of the current political and social conditions in Iran. The economic situation for many people is dire, the government is unpopular, there is civil unrest and the oppressive leadership is desperately trying to hang on to power. Christians in Iran have to meet secretly in small groups in private homes in order to avoid the attention of the authorities. Mr A. said that in Iran he was materially rich but was unhappy and unable to freely share his Christian faith; now that he is in England he is less well off financially but he is happy because he can freely talk about Jesus.

Our next meeting will be held in the Church Hall on Saturday 10th March at 10.00 a.m. when our speaker will be Rev. John Graves.

Games Afternoon

You are invited to a Games Afternoon every Friday starting 6th April in St Clement’s Church Hall.

Sandra and Richard are starting a games afternoon from 2pm to 4pm every Friday.  Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy Board Games, Table Tennis and maybe even Snooker.

Please telephone us on 01202 749820 to confirm you will be coming so we can be sure of enough tea and biscuits.