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Our News and Events page is updated once a month with articles from our monthly parish magazine, "Viewpoint". 

The articles below are copied from the October 2017 edition.

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...from our Vicar, Rev. Jonathan Foster

Dear Friends,

Change and Continuity

There’s a story of a visitor to an institution who discovered that the person welcoming and showing them around had been part of its management committee for over 30 years. “Wow!” said the visitor, “I expect you’ve seen a lot of changes?” “Yes” said their host, “and I’ve resisted every one.”

Did you laugh? This old “joke” identifies a universal human dilemma and tension: change is happening all the time (sometimes almost imperceptibly, sometimes very fast and very obviously) but we like to be in control and find all sorts of ways of keeping ourselves and our immediate environment steady. Institutions try to “set” things in forms that provide continuity and stable places, facilities and formats, creating traditions that can be passed on/copied from one generation to another. These can help individuals and groups (and even nations) develop an ongoing sense of identity and community.

Over the last few centuries a number of institutions (our Parliament, Universities, the Church of England, and more recently, the Police force, NHS, our primary and secondary education systems etc.) have helped us to build a functioning and coherent society with a strong sense of identity.

In the last one hundred years however, and in particular the last 70 years since World War II, the power, influence and traditions of institutions have been challenged and changed by a rate of technological and resulting philosophical and cultural change unprecedented in human history.

Institutions have had to change to keep up, parliament has had to open up to public scrutiny and has brought in copious numbers of new laws and directives to help manage the country in this changing context. The Church of England too has worked hard to keep up—recognition and adoption of women’s ministry over the last 40 years has been one of the clearest signs of this (we now have a woman bishop in Sherborne) and most parishes have worked at modernizing their buildings and services and keeping relevant and up-to-date links with the Borough, local schools, hospitals and other community groups.

At St. Clement’s, over the last 20 years alone, the church’s sound systems have been updated several times (many thanks to Colin Crabb and Colin Wilcox); our old organ was refurbished in 2000, the visual system installed in 2006, the hall was extended and modernised in 2010; the church entrances and fire alarm systems renewed in 2014 and the pews replaced with modern chairs in 2015. Many thanks to Tom Reiblein for leading us through these projects. We are currently working to renew the floor and to install a kitchen and upgrade our toilet facilities and hopefully install a Wi-Fi connection.

Our three Sunday services reflect the old (at 9.30am), the new (at 11.00am—although we have a long way to go) and the in-between (at 6.30pm). We use both a printed magazine and the internet through our website and Facebook.

How do we continue to proclaim a message that is 2000 years old in the next ten, twenty, thirty years? How do we translate Jesus’ teaching into the modern world? What does it mean to love God and our neighbour today? How do you, dear reader, do it? Please let me know your thoughts - by post or e-mail. Or even better, come along to one of our services or other activities and join in, helping us on this challenging journey of continuity and change.

With very best wishes,

Jonathan Foster

Looking ahead:

Community Coffee Mornings (in the church hall)

Please come along, especially if you are not a regular churchgoer — come and meet new neighbours and friends!

Next Coffee Morning: Wednesday, 18th October from 10.30am


Community Lunches (in the church hall)

Everybody is welcome! Please do come and bring your friends and neighbours! Our hope is to develop stronger bonds in the community locally.

Each month a hot meal and drinks will be provided, and all we ask is a contribution towards our costs.

The next lunch is on Sunday 15th October at 12:15pm.

Future dates:

Sunday 19th November at 12:15pm

Christmas Day, Monday 25th December from 12:15pm

In the New Year, lunches  will be on Sundays 21st January, 15th February, 15th March - all from 12:15pm.

Please contact the Church Office (01202 733390) for further details, or to book your place. 


LIGHT PARTY - Friday 27th October

For children and young people and families from 4.30pm to 7.00pm in the church hall.

Please ring the office to book your place.


Make a Difference Day – Saturday 28th October

Please come and help make a difference in and around our churchyard, anytime between 9.30am and 12.30pm. Hot drinks and biscuits provided. Please come suitably clothed and equipped for gardening work - Thank you!

St Clement’s Churchyard

St. Clement’s Churchyard team: Ivor, Steve, Peter, Tom, Angela and Lynn were delighted to be presented a Gold Award again this year by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. One highlight was a Bluebell walk which was a mown path round the sections of churchyard with the most bluebells. Signs were made to point people to this and it was well-used and much appreciated. We hope to repeat and perhaps extend this initiative.

When the team from Dorset Wildlife Trust came, their enthusiasm for the butterflies and other insects encouraged us that our policy on nurturing wild flowers and shrubs is working. The variety and, in some cases, size of fungi in the churchyard has also been interesting.

For this coming year we are planning to plant dwarf daffodils (which don’t blow over in the wind) on either side of the main path leading to the church porch, but far enough back to avoid them being trod on, particularly during photo times after weddings and baptisms.

We have also had a very pale fox, almost white, visiting the churchyard and even looking into the church this summer – it will be interesting to see whether it stays around through the winter.

Enormous thanks from the clergy, PCC and congregation to Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Diocese for your encouragement, and to Steve, Ivor, Peter, Angela, Tom and Lynn for all their enthusiasm and hard work.

We are using 'Make a Difference Day' (the last Saturday in October) as a volunteer day in the churchyard to cut back the summer growth of brambles and do some general clearing - and maybe recruit some more regular helpers. Why not come along?